GF-16 Crane System : 1st Time in INDIA

inegrip Services Now has a new range of product all the way from Germany to India – “GF – 16 – Crane System“. Cinegrips Services are the first to introduce GF-16 Crane System in India.


  • Ultra modular design
  • Easy rigging assembly! All rods are identical
  • Fast and logical set-up
  • Lightweight parts
  • Extremely stable arm
  • Over / underslung remote bracket
  • 2-part counterweight bucket
  • Height adjustable mounting column
  • Base dolly with double ended steering
  • Operates on 100cm / 39 track
  • Surface hardened finish (Hart-Coat ®)
  • Fits on 2 dedicated transport trolley
  • TÜV Certified & Safety Type Tested

The GF-16 Crane System is the ultimate in “big” modular, rideable and remote cranes. It satisfies the demands of the crane operator when it comes to safety, transport, ease of assembly and in-shot stability as well as giving the DOP an amazing range of choice to create that dream shot.

The GF-16 Base Dolly is equipped with independent, double ended steering providing excellent maneuverability in a studio or on location. The foam filled tires each have a dedicated, push-down brake ensuring immediate securing of the base on tailgates or when moving around on set.

Removable levelling jacks are available for use on uneven terrain, providing a secure means to level the base and increasing the footprint of the base. They don’t conflict with the track wheel connections, making it possible to lay 100cm / 39″ track when the jacks are mounted.

The 4×4 track wheels track wheels provide smooth tracking shots and an unparalleled, ease of movement under heavy payloads.

Two utensil trays can be attached to the sides of the mounting column providing neat storage of camera and remote head accessories.

The GF-16’s adjustable mounting column allows assembly of the arm at a low, comfortable pivot height of 158cm / 5′ 2″. When assembled, the complete arm can be elevated 40cm / 18″ per hand crank or motor driven with a battery operated screwdriver.

The 2-part counterweight bucket system splits to an 80% / 20% divide of the total counterweight. The main bucket has both a high and low mounting flange.

All GF-16 components are designed to allow a comfortable carry and practical transportation. The complete arm fits neatly and safely on 2 dedicated trollies. With the adjustable column, the pivot section can be lowered to fit in most trucks. Custom designed trollies and weight carriers are available.