GFM Primo Dolly

The GF-Primo Base has a central “one touch” selector allowing for immediate, one handed, switch over to crab, front or rear wheel steering. Its telescopic and inclining steering rod perfects the GF-Primo’smanoeuvrability and puts it in a league of its own.

The “one touch” selector allows for an immediate, one handed, switchover to crab, front or rear wheel steering. The maintenance free gear box also functions as a fifth, central steering position in addition to the steering positions found on each of the 4 wheel arms.This system, among central post dollies unique to the GF-Primo, improves its mobility and maneuverability. By steering from the central position it is easier to make a straight dolly shot because the usual dolly drift, common to central post dollies, is eliminated. By pushing on centre, the dolly is easier to direct. Surface unevenness can be counteracted in either the front or rear wheel steering modes