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About our company

CINE GRIPS Rental House has become the ultimate industry source for professional cinematographers, photographers & producers. CINE GRIPS has become one of the best operational excellence service providers in the film industry as far as lights and grips are concerned.we rents and supports the full range of Still and Motion Lighting, and Grip Equipment.

We are a “one-stop” destination for all sorts of shoots, carrying the most comprehensive range of new, advance & technological lights from well-known international brands. We provide all sorts cutting-edge light, grips, electrical, accessories. Our diverse and dedicated team consists of experience trained expert gaffers, skilled technicians, electrical engineers and top-notch electricians, sparks, runner. 


Uday Dongre has been in the Indian Film industry past 3 Decades. His aspiring journey initially began through working on Indian made crane with various cinematographers. Bollywood film industry is considered to be one prominent sector in India and by grasping that opportunity with immense amount of hard work for atleast a decade Mr. Uday Dongre embarked on establishing an individual company named as ‘The Rental House’ in year 1999. The company was started with India’s first Jimmy Jib Triangle Crane (USA Made) and a ARRI 435 Camera. Success of an organisation depends on Risks, Innovation, Opportunities and Marketing skills. By adapting all these factors with high level of motivation Uday Dongre kept on growing the business gradually. During this journey he came across Mr Arif Shaikh who had the same vision and expertise of Film Industry Business so eventually together they planned to wider their horizons and formed a company named Cine Grips.


The significance of creative entrepreneur business has been the hot spot for many years and Mr Arif Shaikh always had the vision for it. His journey was started through Television Industry in year 1994 as a production Controller in UTV. Following the dreams with high motivation Mr Arif Shaikh joined Kunal Kohli Production as an Executive producer in year 1996. His persistence in achieving desired goals kept him working for 5 years with KKP and by the grace of Allah Mr. Arif Shaikh started his first Equipment rental house in 2001 with 1 Jimmy Jib Crane (USA Made). Digital Cinema has now become the Era of Film Industry, as the demand for various equipment kept gradually increasing Mr Arif Shaikh grasped the opportunity and came in contact with Mr Uday Dongre who had the same perception and motive. Eventually they joined hands together with companionship and introduced a new company named Cine Grips in year 2003 with 1 Classic Panther Dolly.